Installation for production of Bioconcentrate

ISAV-1 EOOD started-up an Installation for production of Bioconcentrate towards the Feed mill 15 t/h in Brestak, Varna.
The installation is fully automated, controlled by a computer system.
Homogeneity 1 : 100 000!

Investor: Svinekompleks Brestak AD


Feed mill 6 T/H - Lubimec

ISAV-1 EOOD started up in regular exploitation Feed mill 6 T/H in the town of Lubimec, Bulgaria!


Aspiration systems Astika Brewery - Haskovo

ISAV-1 started up Aspiration systems in Astika Brewery - Haskovo of the following installations:

  • Line for malt;
  • Line for barley.

The equipment is manufactured and installed acc. to ATEX Standard! Investor : Kamenitza AD


Storage facility - Dimovo

ISAV-1 EOOD started up a Storage facility for sunflower seeds
(Silos mod 18.33/14 - 2 pc.) with a capacity of 9 454 m3 in Dimovo!
The project is an expansion of an existing silos facility!


Silos for storage of flour

ISAV-1 EOOD finished the expansion (2 silos x 39 m3) of the Installation for intake, storage, dosing and transportation of flour situated next to Bread-making plant MIO - Pazardzhik!
The project was put in regular exploitation!
Capacity: 6 silos x 39 m3 = 234 m3!


Pellet line 2,0 T/H

ISAV-1 EOOD started-up a Pellet line for wood bran with a capacity of 2,0 T/H in cellulose production factory Svilosa - Svishtov!