Design and construction of machines and installations for the grain processing industry.

Established in 1992, ISAV-1 EOOD has become one of the leading companies in the field of designing, manufacture and assembly of machines and equipment for flour-mills and feed-mills on the Bulgarian market.

We offer complete "turn-key" assembly of the following installations:

  • Feed-mills;
  • Rice-mills;
  • Flour-mills;
  • Pellet lines;
  • Pneumotransport;
  • Aspiration;
  • Installations for dosing and mixing of micro- and macro- ingredients;
  • Installations for transporting, storing, cleaning and dosing of flour (Bread-making plants);
  • Storage facilities (Silos)
  • Production lines for the chemical industry.

Our machines and installations are automatically operated and controlled by computer system.

We provide support the implementation of your project- from the design to the turnkey installations. We provide customizable advice, designing and manufacturing concepts to fit in the best possible way your interests and ideas.


We have an experienced designing team, which prepares the complete set of documentation for Your project:

  • part: Technology
  • part: Pneumatic transport installations
  • part:Aspiration systems
  • part:Electrical and Automation
  • part:Architecture
  • part:Constructions
  • part:Landscaping
  • part:Water-supply and Canalization
  • part:Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration
  • part:Fire safety
  • Energy efficency
  • Quantative Value Bill
  • Health and Safety
  • Construction waste management

Our main purpose is to satisfy all customers' demands by professional way of work and high-quality machines with long working period. We endeavour to raise the quality of our machines and installations by using the newest technological innovations. 

The engineering company ISAV-1 EOOD has Certificate for Quality Management System, complied with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 

Certificate for Environment Management System, complied with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015

ISAV-1 EOOD has legal registration to the Bulgarian Chamber of construction:

FISRT GROUP: high-rise buildings, the adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication networks and facilities ( buildings from the first to the fifth category;)Certificate № I - NV 010870